Our Cuisine

"Miss Vanda by Labyrinth (a play on the name of SG’s national flower) was supposed to be Restaurant Labyrinth's expansion into the casual Singaporean food space this year, but given the current crisis, we have decided to launch it online to feed everyone from the comforts of your home! ⁣

The idea for Miss Vanda came about when I realised that whilst Singapore is a bastion of great street food, the quality of food varies widely from different hawker centres (ie. I had to go Maxwell for Chicken Rice, Adam Road for Nasi Lemak, Geylang for Hokkien Noodle, etc). Miss Vanda was hence originally conceptualized to provide a consistent level of quality Singaporean street food across all dishes under one roof with a great edgy ambience.⁣

Starting with a menu featuring some of my most well loved local dishes, diners will now be able to order local fare such as Labyrinth’s now signature Ang Moh Chicken Rice, a dish close to my heart as the recipe and name of the dish itself was left to me by my beloved late grandmother, as well as Laksa featuring Local Green Lipped Mussels stuffed with homemade Fish Paste, Crab Meat Her Geow and Grilled Argentinian Red Prawns in a luscious Laksa broth.⁣

Other highlights include Deepfried Boneless Har Cheong Chicken Wings (who says you can’t have your whole wings and eat it!), Banana Leaf Grilled Otah with Whole Locally Farmed Silver Perch (another Labyrinth classic) and our very own traditional Hainanese style Kaya made with fresh coconut milk from the market and local free range eggs and pandan leaves.⁣

We hope to feed you comfort local fare in the comforts of your home, like how my Popo did ❤️⁣" 

Yours sincerely,
LG Han