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Miss Vanda X Mr Bucket

Enjoy our exclusive collaboration with Mr Bucket for the week!


I don't indulge in too much meat but I had this recently, boneless Har Cheong Gai and I was blown away by its crispy, delicious taste and how succulent the meat was. Now this is available on Miss Vanda's delivery menu!

Felicia Chin, Mediacorp artiste

I finished the entire portion all by myself and didn’t want to share it with anyone. 一人做事一 Rendang.

Tan Diya, singer/song writer, owner of Sanity Coffee

Miss Vanda’s kaya jam has the richness of home-made coconut jam with a smooth texture that is layered with the unmistakable flavours of fresh coconut milk, pandan and eggs. If you can’t make it yourself, this is probably your next best option.

Evelyn Chen, World's 50 Best S.E.A Chairperson

Chef Han LG’s take on Hainanese Chicken Rice is not your stereotypical version. It is a tribute to his grandma who cleverly incorporated both eastern and western cooking into this born-in-Singapore original.

David Yip, Chef/Food writer